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lamination-and-binding-sampleLamination Sizes:

We can laminate many different sizes, including wide-format lamination up to 60″ wide.

Lamination Thickness:

  • 3 Mil: Medium thickness – perfect for maps, posters, presentation sheets
  • 5 MIl: Heavy thickness – great for menus, placemats, artwork, business cards
  • 10 Mil: Heaviest thickness – perfect for ID cards, badges, passes, wallet cards, wallet pictures

lamination-and-binding-sample-2Lamination Film Finishes:

  • Gloss – Reflective and Shiny
  • Matte – Non-reflective and No Glare
  • Dry-Erase – Perfect for Writing on & Erasing (Presentations, Calendars, Weekly Charts, Game Score Sheets)

Lamination Border:

  • Flush Cut – The lamination coverage will stop at the edge of the photo or paper
  • Sealed Edge – The lamination encapsulates the photo or paper and creates an 1/8″ seal around the edges. Any seal size can be accommodated.
  • Do you want your corners on your project round instead of square? We can do it! We offer corner rounding in 1/8″, 1/4″ and 1/2″ sizes. Perfect for keeping your project corners smooth and round!

Need your photo or document mounted?

We also offer mounted lamination in which we will mount and laminate your document, picture, puzzle, etc. to poster board, foam board, gator board or whatever you like for a powerful display presentation!

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